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Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use, low-cost, open-source solution that includes compatible hardware and software sets of tools. This comprehensive solution is designed to fulfill the need for firmware energy profiling, as well as State of Charge (SoC) and State of Health (SoH) algorithm evaluation for real LiPo battery-powered embedded devices. The system should provide high-speed sampling rates (up to 2MSPS) and high current rates (up to 5A) for precise measurements. Thanks to this system, optimizing power usage, extending battery life, and improving overall system efficiency will be easy.

With our solution, we strive to support advancing energy-efficient technologies and contribute to the sustainable utilization of LiPo batteries. We believe that by providing an accessible and cost-effective solution, we can assist in developing and optimizing battery-powered embedded devices across various industries.

We empower developers and researchers to contribute to and enhance the capabilities of the platform. Collaboration within the community can lead to continuous improvement and the development of innovative features and functionalities.


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