The assembly of the EEZ BB3 chassis has begun

May 31, 2024 — Written by Vladimir Rajović


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The assembly of the EEZ BB3 chassis has begun

Our project aimed to integrate OpenEPT hardware as an independent module within the EEZ BB3 chassis. To perform the integration process, it was important to acquire at least one EEZ BB3chassis at the early project stages.  Unfortunately, at the project's start, there were no fully assembled EEZ BB3 chassis available to purchase. So, we decided to purchase all the necessary components and assemble the chassis ourselves by following the official documentation.

To optimize the overall project schedule, we decided to assemble the chassis now. This way, it'll be ready when we develop other functionalities.

Empty EEZ BB3 chassis with the necessary following components are presented in Figure 1

Components OverviewFigure 1 - Empty EEZ BB3 chassis with corresponding components

Once we complete the assembly process, we'll be publishing a blog post detailing our experiences and the steps we took to successfully assemble the kit.

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