Meet our team members

  • PhD Vladimir Rajović

    PhD Vladimir Rajović

    Associate professor, Project lead

    With the Department of Electronics, School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade since 2002. Doing and teaching all the things electronics ever since. My passion are all the parts of data acquisition systems, from sensors to data analysis.

  • MA Haris Turkmanovic

    MA Haris Turkmanovic

    Teaching Assistant, Embedded Software Architect and Project Manager

    Since 2018, I have been an employee at the Department of Electronics and Digital Systems, which is part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade. Beginning in 2019, I also assumed the role of a teaching assistant in the same department while concurrently pursuing my doctoral studies. The main objective of my research revolves around sub-areas of embedded systems. This includes distributed embedded systems, IoT systems, battery-powered embedded systems, and developing optimized software solutions for embedded platforms.

  • MA Pavle Lakic

    MA Pavle Lakic

    Embedded Hardware Engineer

    Master scientist in electrical engineering with a passion for the intricate world of low-level programming in embedded devices and hardware design. With four years of professional experience, I find joy in the dynamic landscape of my specialization and embrace the opportunity to learn something new every day. My journey in the realm of electrical engineering is marked by a commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring the frontiers of technology.

  • MA Dimitrije Lilić

    MA Dimitrije Lilić

    Desktop Application Developer

    Master electrical engineer specialized in low-level programming for embedded systems, firmware and gui. With a solid five-year track record in the field, I thrive in the dynamic nature of my work, constantly seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge base. My dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology is evident in my pursuit of innovation and my enthusiasm for learning something new with each passing day.

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